Uber Has Revealed The Most Surprising Items Left Behind By Riders

Published on May 19, 2021

Ever since Uber has entered our lives, it has pretty much changed the way we get around, especially when we are trying to go out to bars and enjoy some adult beverages. Ride sharing apps like Uber have provided a great solution for those without a reliable method of transportation or when in need for a taxi service in a pinch. With increased ride shares, there’s an increased chance of people forgetting behind their personal belongings in the cars that picked them up. Uber has shared the strangest items that have been left behind after a ride, and some are surprisingly hilarious.

The Strangest Items Left Behind In Ubers

The Strangest Items Left Behind In Ubers

Zaid Al-Atiya, head of Lost & Found at Uber shared: “Whether it’s the more commonly forgotten belongings, like phones, wallets, and keys, or it’s those more surprising items, like a single tooth, fresh shrimp, or a large painting of Kate Middleton, we remain committed to helping return whatever it is you need to retrieve.”

Here are some of the strangest items that have been left behind: a tooth, 22 bundt cakes and a pan of mac n’ cheese, washing liquid, a corset, part of an ankle monitor, FBI bullet proof vest, a cooler full of fish, fresh shrimp, a dinosaur Halloween costume, rabbit legs, a unicorn tail and a piñata, a framed Beauty & The Beast signed poster, antique roller blades, Christmas plates, a fur cover for a knee scooter, a toilet seat and welcome door sign shaped like a lemon, a sushi platter, and a large painting of Kate Middleton along with a small painting of the grim reaper.

Uber's Loft & Found Index Shared The Strangest Items Found

Uber’s Loft & Found Index Shared The Strangest Items Found

Still more bizarre items include a purple hair bonnet, a bath set along with a sack of potatoes, frozen meat, a catheter, leopard print bikini, special items from Victoria’s Secret, a wig brush, a machine foot for sewing, a neck brace along with a diary, hospital scissors, an otter plush animal, a Harry Potter wand and feather pen, false eyelashes and a dish soap, headband with horns and oxygen tank, mannequin head, black cane with a skull handle, a birth certificate inside an Ugg earmuff box, a popcorn bucket from Disney World, and a tattoo machine.

The most commonly left behind items are phones, cameras, wallets, keys, backpacks/luggage, headphones, glasses, vapes/e-cigarettes, IDs, and water bottles. These items seem to make sense, but they’re certainly not as entertaining.

The most forgetful cities in America according to items left behind in Ubers are:

The Most Forgetful City Is Autin, TX

The Most Forgetful City Is Austin, TX

1.  Austin, TX

2. Fort Myers, FL

3. Nashville, TN

4. San Antonio, TX

5. Tampa Bay, FL

6. Houston, TX

7. Phoenix, AZ

8. Kansas City, KS

9. Charlotte, NC

10. Sacramento, CA